Food Irradiation, Should We Be Concerned?

Let’s face it, we don’t like to eat rotten food. Nobody does. That’s the problem that grocers face when it comes to selling produce in their stores. From the moment food is harvested, it starts to degenerate. Farmers and grocers have to slow down the process of degeneration as soon has they harvest their crops. Cooling them down to a certain temperature only helps for a few days. After that, the food rots. To combat that problem, irradiation of foods was developed to help keep food longer and but also looking fresh. Not only that, irradiation also killed certain moulds and insects and prevented sprouting of roots. So this miracle problem solver saves millions if not billions of dollars for farmers and grocers. It’s like sterilizing the food but without high heat or cooking.

This miracle of food freshness preservation is not well-received by some countries like countries in Europe. They question the safety of the irradiated food for consumers. So in some European countries some irradiated food products are banned. Why is this the case? There has been research that indicates that irradiation of food is like giving them x-rays and not just regular x-rays. These x-rays are very strong that they are likened to millions of x-rays going through food products. The irradiation process of food changes the chemical composition of certain foods and promotes cancer growth in consumers. It also has detrimental effects on consumers’ reproductive organs and kidneys. It may be the cause of increase in ovarian cyst growths in women. Although the food looks fresh and good, in actuality the irradiation process strips it of its beneficial vitamins and other nutrients. Though it lasts longer, it doesn’t give your family any health benefits at all.

For the safety of consumers, it is definitely better to look at other preservation alternatives other than radiation. In the United States of America, a country where irradiated food is allowed to be sold, three quarters of people surveyed revealed that they were against irradiated food. A better solution to having better food is to clean up the way farming agriculture is done. They should really focus on keeping places that animals are farmed clean and keeping slaughterhouses clean. Places where grains are processed should also be clean and sanitized to reduce mould growth and people should seek help to find other ways to combat insects naturally. To prevent insects or other pests from wreaking havoc in your grocery store or factory, call Swarm Pest Control Brisbane.