NEWS-FLASH: BIODUSTRIAL Aligns All Third-Party Services With Green Priciples

Report By: Jack Gleeson, Public Relations Officer

BIODUSTRIAL has recently conducted an internal audit to see how our company’s processes and procedures line up with our ‘green’ ideology of doing all things to benefit the environment. The findings of the audit were interesting to say the least and we wanted to share some of the details with our colleagues, shareholders, and the public. Sustainability is at the core of everything we do, and we couldn’t be in the bio industry if we weren’t aligned with this ideology. Here is a quick summary of how we have performed.

Internal Processes and Procedures
We are proud to say that approximately 80% of our energy is now produced naturally. The installation of our solar plant annex was a major contributing factor to this. However, producing green energy isn’t the only important thing. We realized that we needed to reduce energy consumption where possible. To help with this we set all computer monitors to go to ‘sleep’ after just 15 minutes of inactivity. No electronic equipment was left on standby overnight, except our core servers of course. It was all switched off. The use of natural lighting was also a major factor in all of this. However, it also presented us with the challenge of saving electricity with the cooling system as more natural light meant that insulation wasn’t as effective. To combat the conflict, we covered all our windows with a special film which repels heat, but allows light to shine through. Win-win!

Third-Party Services
During the audit we realized that most of the third-party service providers we use are not aligned with our principles. We wanted to fix this up so started looking at key factors we should incorporate in our vetting and selection criteria. A big movement today is that of going paperless Way too much paper is wasted. So we started looking at our digital service providers. We were dismayed to find that many of them were not aligned with our principles at all. For example, we ended up changing to a well-reviewed green digital marketing agency to do our search engine optimization We chose this company because they are paperless, use 98% less energy than their competitors, and still offer ‘first-world’ quality standards. We are currently reviewing other service providers as well.

We hope that this update reassures all of you of our commitment to green principles. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our public information desk using the details on this website.